The insurance market has always been innovative and one example of this is the concept of Protected Cell and Incorporated Cell Companies. A cell within a PCC or ICC can open up captive insurance opportunities to those who may consider a full captive uneconomic or unattractive.

Cells can be easier and quicker to establish than traditional captive insurance companies as well as generally having lower operating costs. Typically this solution may suit small or medium sized companies where there are cost efficiencies over a stand-alone captive. Many entities may wish to manage their risk(s) in a proactive manner but do not have the size of premium spend, nor the capital, to establish their own individual captive insurance company. A cell can therefore provide effective access to the benefits of captive insurance.

A cell may also benefit larger organisations who wish to benefit from the reduced administration of a cell company structure.

Vantage have sponsored their own in-house PCC and ICC specifically for client use - Black Pearl Insurance (Jersey) PCC and White Pearl (Jersey) ICC - and so are able to assist in an efficient timescale for a wide variety of client needs.

Please refer to our download “Cell Companies” for further information.

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